Gwynnie Bee Reviews

Members review their Gwynnie Bee experiences.

The Best Investment

“I just want to say that being a customer with Gwynnie Bee has been a very rewarding experience for me. Being able to wear so many amazing clothes and dresses has impacted my life in such a positive way and has given me both style and confidence beyond measure. I love setting trends at work and in my personal life and Gwynnie Bee has given me the tools to do just that. The stress of what to wear every day has been removed, and I have been very proud to recommend others to your service. There have been minimal issues over the years, and I just can’t wait to see what new things I’ll be wearing in the months and years ahead. Thank you Gwynnie Bee!”

Desiree K.

Love Gwynnie Bee

“I really enjoy Gwynnie Bee and look forward to my packages! I like that you get to choose what you put in your virtual closet, not just hope someone on the other end chooses something you like. Shipping is quick. When I notify that I’m returning a garment or garments, my next shipment gets sent in a timely manner which I really appreciate. Speedy shipments are part of what keep me subscribing.

It’s helpful that two people review the item when it’s posted so you can see what it looks like on different people who aren’t models and they give a review. The more honest those are, the better. I’ve noticed that those reviews have become more honest lately which is an improvement. Having subscribers review the items is an essential part of Gwynnie Bee as well. I think Gwynnie Bee has saved me hundreds of dollars over the past year!”

Cathy O.

Great Service!

“I love that I can try out styles that are outside of what I usually wear, as well as getting styles I know I love. I have fluctuations in my weight and size enough that I don’t want to spend money on a new wardrobe every six months. This lets me find comfortable, well-fitting clothes throughout. I have purchased a few things, but I mostly just wear things several times and send back for more new to me items. I love how much it feels like my wardrobe has expanded!”

Long Time Customer

“I joined Gwynnie Bee several years ago as a way to have professional clothing for my job without having to spend tons of money. It has been a life saver for me.

While using this service, I’ve also enjoyed trying new things I would never have purchased outright for myself. It’s helped me develop a new style, and the confidence boost from being able to dress in trendy and expensive clothing is priceless! The service has always been as described, mostly on time, and any issue resolved professionally and quickly by Gwynnie Bee support staff. A side bonus is being able to purchase styles that are going out of rotation at a fraction of the cost. I just purchased 5 dresses for $5 each! They look nearly new!

I absolutely love Gwynnie Bee and recommend it to other women whenever I can! Keep up the great work!”

Lisa M.