November 2017

Love Gwynnie Bee!

“I am a busy, disabled mother of three who loves fashion. I love having clothes shipped to me that I can try on and wear as long as I want or send them back right away- I can even purchase them if I want. I am no longer able to shop for clothes at stores because I sometimes need help getting dressed and get tired and sore from trying on three or more items so GB is the perfect solution for me. Because of my disability, I am also a little overweight and GB does a great job at choosing items that flatter any figure because they cater to plus sized women (I am a 14/16). Not every item is perfect, but I purchase anything that fits well, is flattering and easy to put on/wear. I love the size charts which are accurate for the most part; after a while you get used to knowing how the sizing works. For example, if jeans have stretch to them (contain spandex), you can go down a couple inches in the waist and hip measurements. As far as cost goes, I do wish the monthly fee wasn’t so high, especially because I do end up purchasing a lot of items. I am on the three item plan and try to rotate pieces as quickly as I can. If an item I love isn’t on sale or is more than I want to spend, I keep it until the price drops and use GB rewards to get the cost as low as possible. They do price match which I have done once. I also love the Marketplace where you can purchase the used, discontinued items- especially when the price drops super low. I have gotten items for as low as $5. Because the clothing designers are not solely GB, you can also find the items you like at department stores and such for a lower price if GB hasn’t put theirs on sale yet. Because I have the financial means and the physical need, I will continue to use GB unless something better comes along! This month I got a free upgrade to five items for being a loyal customer, so there are plenty of perks along the way. When I first started it seemed like I was never getting the items I wanted most. I think that’s because we were already well into the season and items were sparse. As of the last few shipments, I have been getting the newer items on my priority list which is great! They also are pretty quick with shipping stuff out and have a way for you to notify them of a return so they can start processing your next shipment sooner. If you still aren’t sure GB will work for you, go for the free one month trial because you have nothing to lose! The service is especially great for people that want to stay on trend but don’t want to accumulate a ton of clothes. ”


Access a new and unlimited wardrobe at Gwynnie Bee.

Love the Service, Love the Clothes

“I’m not very fashionable; I try to care about style, but can’t pull it off most of the time (I’m a leggings and sweatshirt girl at heart). Still, I’m in a job where I need to put my best foot forward every day, and I use my Gwynnie Bee subscription to do exactly that. I can experiment with new styles, colors, fabrics, cuts … and not keep a closet full of mistakes. I love the selection, the ease of building and maintaining the queue, and the speed of receiving and returning. One of the best adulting decisions I’ve ever made.”


Access a new and unlimited wardrobe at Gwynnie Bee.

Almost perfection

“I’ve been a GB member for several years now. I love that I can try so many things, some outside my comfort zone. I’ve fallen in love with things that I’d never try in the stores. It’s great having the option to buy when I just can’t let something go. My biggest complaints would be with the app. You can’t track shipments through the app. Also, when you want to update your closet, the app automatically scrolls back to the top of the list after editing and causes me to lose my place. Minor annoyances in comparison to the chance to play dress up in a nearly endless closet. ”


Access a new and unlimited wardrobe at Gwynnie Bee.

Wonderful Service

“I’ve been a Gwynnie Bee customer for I think three years now, which is pretty early early on, and I have been a big fan throughout. Prior to signing on, I had a lot of trouble finding my size clothes in stores or online, quite a limited selection, and when I did find something I liked, I would wear it so often it would wear out. With Gwynnie Bee I have a broad selection and always have new things to wear and on top of that, receive many compliments. About 95% of the items that arrive match my expectations and look great on me. I have also bought numerous pieces, probably around a dozen dresses. Throughout my time as a customer, the mail-and-return experience and online/app experience has been pretty much flawless. I have recommended the service to numerous people and several have become customers.”


Access a new and unlimited wardrobe at Gwynnie Bee.

A Joy to Experience

“Clothes come packed very nicely. They are as designated in their pictures and description online. Love picking out my selections from a varied inventory of various groups of clothing. I look forward to receiving my selections. The clothing is in great shape. Like new. You will not see your selections in department stores. Very unique. The only kind of a minus is that some of the clothing is overpriced. However, we are receiving designs from excellent designers. I signed up for a year of one extra garment each delivery. These clothes are made well and will last a long time. I thoroughly enjoy my dealings with Gwinnie Bee. I think you will too.”


Access a new and unlimited wardrobe at Gwynnie Bee.