March 2018

Gwynnie Bee Review: Answering Your Gwynnie Bee Questions

“Last week I shared about a clothing rental service that I have been subscribing to for the past five months – Gwynnie Bee. I tried the service on a whim, hoping to earn some Swagbucks, and didn’t know much about it. I thought it was for plus-sized women only, but turns out the sizes are for all women (XS-3XL).

After five months, I’m hooked and decided it was time to share it with you.

I think it is great for women of all kinds

The woman who works in a professional environment and wants to add some new items to wardrobe.

The woman who stays at home, but wants to feel extra pretty and put together when she goes out.

The woman who has weddings and trips planned, but doesn’t want to break the bank buying new clothes.

The woman who is on a tight clothing budget, but loves to have new things to wear.

The woman who loves fashion, but hates spending money on it.”

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Access a new and unlimited wardrobe at Gwynnie Bee.

Gwynnie Bee Clothing Review

“I really loved the convenience of getting four items in one month, and it really showed me how great of a value you are getting if you are a bit faster to return. It can always be a bummer when these boxes don’t work out, but I was so excited when I saw that I was getting a second March box. I loved each of the pieces this month but had to make my returns mainly due to my newly discovered pregnancy, but I was able to keep one dress that will grow with me! I am excited to try another month to see if I can continue to find pieces that I can wear during my pregnancy and to have after!”

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Access a new and unlimited wardrobe at Gwynnie Bee.

Gwynnie Bee Box Review

“My own closet is about 90% black/grey/neutral, so I really had fun picking out my Gwynnie Bee items and adding some pops of color to mix up my style a bit! I was impressed with the quality of the clothing, and everything arrived in pristine, clean condition. (Gwynnie Bee takes care of the dry cleaning.)

I also appreciate that Gwynnie Bee adds new items to their inventory almost every day. I’m an online shopping addict, so browsing and adding items to my Gwynnie Bee closet daily is fun! (If you want to help me pick out what items in my closet to send next, check out today’s MSA Instagram stories and vote!)

I think this is a great subscription for anyone looking for work-appropriate clothing. With their shipping times on the $69 a month plan, I’m able to get 2 new dresses each week, so that’s a significant contribution to my weekly outfits. (They also offer tops, jackets, pants, etc., but I think dresses are a complete outfit and get you the most bang for your buck!)”

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Access a new and unlimited wardrobe at Gwynnie Bee.

Gwynnie Bee Box Review by Nicole

“Gwynnie Bee remains one of my favorite subscription boxes! I truly enjoyed the selections this month, they appealed immensely to my vintage style aesthetic. The thing that makes Gwynnie Bee stand apart is that you can select pieces yourself and that it is a rental service! I love that I don’t have to feel obligated to buy items, I can actually wear the pieces for as long as I like and then return them when I want. Gwynnie Bee also offers free shipping and dry cleaning included in the price of their services which is another big plus. In addition, I love their marketplace where I can buy gently worn pieces at a strong discount. I really can’t say a negative thing about Gwynnie Bee and constantly recommend them to my friends of all sizes, especially with the first month as a free trial! What isn’t there to love?”

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Access a new and unlimited wardrobe at Gwynnie Bee.

A New Approach to a Fun Wardrobe

“Gwynnie Bee is a game changer for me. I can get different clothes every week, always look fresh at work and weekends, and then return them for free and look forward to my next delivery. GB has helped me find new clothing companies that I don’t think I would have found by my standard way of shopping for clothes. I get so many compliments. I have purchased some pieces because I love them so much. It really is terrific.

I only wish they had more business clothes. That is why I give them 4 stars instead of 5.”


Access a new and unlimited wardrobe at Gwynnie Bee.