March 15 , 2019

Great Service With Room to Grow

I’ve tried a few different mail clothing subscriptions, and once I met Gwynnie Bee, I knew I had found my fit. I love the selection and the fit predictability is on point, foundational to making the service work well. I have bought many pieces including from the outlet and marketplace.

There are a few nagging issues that I hope to see addressed. My largest hangup is how long it takes to get my next shipment! I understand the shipping process is going to take time but it often takes 3+ days from the time I notify shipment or purchase an item to get a new one on the way and that drives me crazy, I feel like I don’t get full value from my membership.

The other issues are with the mobile UI. When an item in my closet is no longer available in my size, please auto remove it from my closet, I’ve had to go through my closet so many times to get rid of old stuff and it’s tedious. And finally a little request – please link the “reviews” button to the actual reviews, right now it goes nowhere and isn’t intuitive. Thanks for asking for feedback, I am a fan and appreciate you asking!

Jess A.