Gwynnie Bee Review

So far, so good

I’ve been on a weight loss journey for nearly three years, two of them with Gwynnie Bee “lending” me clothing along the way. It’s been a good relationship with only minor hiccups along the way.

Pros: A constantly changing supply of (mostly) new clothing to enjoy along the way with (mostly) accurate sizing charts.

Cons: When the sizing charts are off, they are waaaaay off. But that purple bag is right there to receive the “toss backs.” And when the pieces have been “previously enjoyed,” they can be somewhat thread-worn. But that’s only happened twice in my two years of experience and, again, the purple bag is right there.

Lingering issue: They say there’s a pair of pants that I know I returned which they have never received. It’s been sitting there for quite some time marked “return notified” but receipt never acknowledged. They’ve continued to send me all of the items to which I’m entitled, but at some point, they should give up on that pair of pants, don’t you think?

Janet R.

Endless possibilities!

I began a new job which requires me to dress professionally 5 days a week. Looking at my current clothing inventory, I found it lacking. One of my new work friends always looked great and wore amazing up to date styles, and when I asked her where she shopped, she shared with me the Gwynnie Bee secret. I really like the selection, and it is as easy to use as possible. It saves on shopping time, laundry and dry cleaning. You go online, select your styles and size, they send you available items, you wear them, place them in a pre-posted bag and return. As soon as you indicate you are returning the items you have, they are preparing the next box. I LOVE IT!

Susan Cook

Life in the work lane

I signed up for going to be in 2014 around the same time I got a promotion that required a more corporate professional wardrobe, but I refuse to just wear a pantsuit and be boring. Gwynnie Bee gave me the opportunity to explore and find my new style transitioning from my early twenties into my professional wardrobe while still maintaining my love of fashion and quirkiness. I can try new pieces for work and always have the availability for fun date night outfits or special nights out and even family vacations. And now that they’ve gone fully size inclusive I can recommend it to all of my friends, no matter your body type. Keep it up Gwynnie Bee.

Falon H.

Save time, save money

Gwynnie Bee has been so extremely helpful and has removed any worry I felt about what to wear to work in the mornings or what to wear to church on Sunday. I used to sit in front of my closet trying to find something every day and it just wasn’t easy. Now my worry is gone, and I have something to wear all the time, and I look and feel great! I get so many compliments on what I’m wearing. I save lots of time and money not having to buy clothes constantly. I highly recommend this service to everyone.

Michelle B.

It’s made my life so much easier

I have the five items at a time subscription, and it’s wonderful. I wear almost exclusively Gwynnie Bee clothes to work. I rarely wear the same thing twice, and it’s really nice to have less laundry to do. There are definitely some fails (it’s all stuff you pick for yourself, and sometimes I’m not sure what I was thinking, lol), but such is life. Overall, I think it’s an excellent value for the money, and it’s made my life easier. It’s also made me more adventurous – easy to try a style once if you don’t have to buy it.

Samantha L.

The Best Investment

“I just want to say that being a customer with Gwynnie Bee has been a very rewarding experience for me. Being able to wear so many amazing clothes and dresses has impacted my life in such a positive way and has given me both style and confidence beyond measure. I love setting trends at work and in my personal life and Gwynnie Bee has given me the tools to do just that. The stress of what to wear every day has been removed, and I have been very proud to recommend others to your service. There have been minimal issues over the years, and I just can’t wait to see what new things I’ll be wearing in the months and years ahead. Thank you Gwynnie Bee!”

Desiree K.