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Save time, save money

Gwynnie Bee has been so extremely helpful and has removed any worry I felt about what to wear to work in the mornings or what to wear to church on Sunday. I used to sit in front of my closet trying to find something every day and it just wasn’t easy. Now my worry is gone, and I have something to wear all the time, and I look and feel great! I get so many compliments on what I’m wearing. I save lots of time and money not having to buy clothes constantly. I highly recommend this service to everyone.

Michelle B.

A New Approach to a Fun Wardrobe

“Gwynnie Bee is a game changer for me. I can get different clothes every week, always look fresh at work and weekends, and then return them for free and look forward to my next delivery. GB has helped me find new clothing companies that I don’t think I would have found by my standard way of shopping for clothes. I get so many compliments. I have purchased some pieces because I love them so much. It really is terrific.

I only wish they had more business clothes. That is why I give them 4 stars instead of 5.”


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