Professional Clothing

Life in the work lane

I signed up for going to be in 2014 around the same time I got a promotion that required a more corporate professional wardrobe, but I refuse to just wear a pantsuit and be boring. Gwynnie Bee gave me the opportunity to explore and find my new style transitioning from my early twenties into my professional wardrobe while still maintaining my love of fashion and quirkiness. I can try new pieces for work and always have the availability for fun date night outfits or special nights out and even family vacations. And now that they’ve gone fully size inclusive I can recommend it to all of my friends, no matter your body type. Keep it up Gwynnie Bee.

Falon H.

Love the Service, Love the Clothes

“I’m not very fashionable; I try to care about style, but can’t pull it off most of the time (I’m a leggings and sweatshirt girl at heart). Still, I’m in a job where I need to put my best foot forward every day, and I use my Gwynnie Bee subscription to do exactly that. I can experiment with new styles, colors, fabrics, cuts … and not keep a closet full of mistakes. I love the selection, the ease of building and maintaining the queue, and the speed of receiving and returning. One of the best adulting decisions I’ve ever made.”


Access a new and unlimited wardrobe at Gwynnie Bee.

Shopping Made Easy.

“I own an Insurance Agency and I do a lot of networking so I need to look my best all the time.  Gwynnie Bee makes it easy by sending me new outfits on a regular basis.   I simply select them online.  They arrive at my house.  I wear what fits and looks great, return what doesn’t, send them back after I’ve worn them a few times.  Gwynnie Bee does the laundry and I always have something new without overloading my closet.  Love it.  Oh… And when ever there’s been a problem, they we’re super responsive.  Love this service.”


Access a new and unlimited wardrobe at Gwynnie Bee.

Why Buy When You Can Try

“Gwynnie Bee makes the work week so much less stressful when you don’t have to worry what to wear! Great quality, professional AND fun clothes that give you the opportunity to try out new brands at a fraction of the cost of buying. Returns are easy, closeting new clothes is easy, looking fabulous is easy! Love it? Buy it! Crave variety? Return it for a change! It doesn’t get better than this. ”


Access a new and unlimited wardrobe at Gwynnie Bee.

New clothes, new experiences

“Within the past decade, people have started opening up to the idea of the share economy. You pay one fee and you share with others. Gwynnie Bee is one example of this. For a monthly set rate, you get a number of particular items. You can try new things you never thought you would wear as well as items you may never find in stores, depending where you live. It’s a Netflix for clothing. If something doesn’t work out, you can send it back and they will immediately start prepping your new box.
I started GB when I went into IT because I was a Business Analyst, constantly working with clients. I did not have professional clothing and this was the next best alternative to going to a million stores to see what fit and what didn’t. Through the three years I have been a customer, I have been introduced to brands I love but never knew existed such as Karen Kane, City Chic and many others.
Overall, my experience has been great. I wear new (ish) items that I can pick out three times a week to go into my closet and rotate from there. It is well worth the money invested.


Access a new and unlimited wardrobe at Gwynnie Bee.