“I have had fun with trying different items of clothing and sending some back and buying some. Great service to mix up your wardrobe! Most everything I have received, I’ve worn and loved! I’ve lost weight during my membership and can adjust the size and don’t have to shop for a new wardrobe, this has been fantastic! I would highly recommend trying Gwynnie Bee!”


Wonderful Service

“I’ve been a Gwynnie Bee customer for I think three years now, which is pretty early early on, and I have been a big fan throughout. Prior to signing on, I had a lot of trouble finding my size clothes in stores or online, quite a limited selection, and when I did find something I liked, I would wear it so often it would wear out. With Gwynnie Bee I have a broad selection and always have new things to wear and on top of that, receive many compliments. About 95% of the items that arrive match my expectations and look great on me. I have also bought numerous pieces, probably around a dozen dresses. Throughout my time as a customer, the mail-and-return experience and online/app experience has been pretty much flawless. I have recommended the service to numerous people and several have become customers.”


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