The Best

Love It!

I feel like there are too many dresses at times and I’d like to see more pants. I’ve gotten some great pieces after I tried them and was sure I loved them. I really love this service, the best of all subscription boxes I have done. I would also like to buy an item I’ve tried before it’s retired, sometimes I don’t have the money when I have it, but later on I can afford it.

Angela M.

Simply the BEST

“So many options in a variety of sizes to fit every body and style. The site is well organized, easy to use and keeps a handy history so you know what you’ve tried, liked, didn’t like so much, and purchased. Turn around time is swift and they couldn’t make it easier to receive and return as many pieces as you want. They even do your dry cleaning for you! Who wouldn’t love that? They are always adding new designers, updating their inventory with new arrivals and they offer plenty of options for transitioning through every season, plus any special events you may be attending. The prices to purchase most pieces you love are terrific and their reward points accumulate very quickly and are so easy to use. Reviews give you lots of information about the pieces you’d like to try and pictures at every angle assist with making great choices according to your preferences. Members post pictures too, so you get honest feedback and pictures with lots of body types wearing the clothing. I LOVEĀ this clothing rental service”


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