Unlimited Wardrobe

Great Service!

“I love that I can try out styles that are outside of what I usually wear, as well as getting styles I know I love. I have fluctuations in my weight and size enough that I don’t want to spend money on a new wardrobe every six months. This lets me find comfortable, well-fitting clothes throughout. I have purchased a few things, but I mostly just wear things several times and send back for more new to me items. I love how much it feels like my wardrobe has expanded!”


“I have had fun with trying different items of clothing and sending some back and buying some. Great service to mix up your wardrobe! Most everything I have received, I’ve worn and loved! I’ve lost weight during my membership and can adjust the size and don’t have to shop for a new wardrobe, this has been fantastic! I would highly recommend trying Gwynnie Bee!”


Great way to try new styles in the comfort of your home

“I enjoy shopping on their website and trying on the new items shipped. Overall a pretty good experience. Very easy to get started and maintain your account, getting garments shipped as you return them. Does a good job for plus size women in providing a variety of styles that you don’t find in your local stores.”


Access a new and unlimited wardrobe at Gwynnie Bee.

Continuously Rotating Wardrobe

“I am a performer and prefer to wear dresses on stage. I also spent too much of my life trying to cover up my body instead of figuring out how to dress it in a flattering way. Gwynnie Bee has given me a continuously rotating wardrobe of beautiful clothes and the confidence to try new styles knowing I can just send it back if I don’t like it. All my interactions with everything dealing with Gwynnie Bee has been the best. I would recommend it to all of the people! ”


Access a new and unlimited wardrobe at Gwynnie Bee.

I Love Gwynnie Bee!

“I’ve been a member since July of 2015, and have enjoyed every minute of it. It’s just brilliant. I try on clothes in the privacy and comfort of my home, and immediately send back whatever doesn’t fit or look GREAT. It’s inspired me to try and enjoy styles that I might never have worn otherwise. With a subscription that gives me 10 items at a time, I wear something different almost every day, and am always excited to see what’s coming next. The app makes it easy to manage my closet. I love that I can “return notify” when I am finished with an item, and GB immediately sends out a replacement. The only negative is that I’m going broke from not being able to resist buying the items I really love.”


Access a new and unlimited wardrobe at Gwynnie Bee.